Restless Creativity

I have so many ideas I feel there is never enough time to do everything I want to do. Today I bought a 6’x2′ panel of wood for a painting commission to go into a newly restored house in Suffolk. It’s exciting and a good challenge working to a new format, challenges my normal approach to composition. When I went to measure up the space the kitchen hasn’t been started, the plastering needs to be done along with the flooring but I am pleased to say that the owners were thinking about the painting which would go over the fireplace and tie the room together. It’s an usual size and shape for me to work on so I have marked out boxes in the same proportion in my long sketchbook in order to come up with

a few compositions. I will take these to show the client to make sure I am on the right track. Interestingly this is the second large commission I have created for people who have approached me before their house has been completed. These clients have a vision for the building and the painting is an integral part of the whole.


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