Silver Linings

The Silver Linings Painting series mark a significant turning point in my painting journey. 2019 was a particularly challenging year which meant that I had very little time in my studio. Everything creative had to happen around the edges in snatched moments, not enough time or headspace to really develop drawings, sketches for a series of landscape works. I decided not to force the situation but to give myself a break.

As part of a way to get back into the studio I spent early 2020 just enjoying painting again. I ditched all of my own rules and favoured techniques (inky landscape drawings sketched on walks and then worked onto paper in the studio with layered acrylic) and gave myself permission to play in the studio. I got my oil paints out, bought some fresh A4 paper/board and started thinking about what to draw/paint.

The Silver Linings Paintings are all about deeply reengaging with positive moments captured on my camera. They could be as simple as walking to school, visiting an art exhibition, spending time with friends. Each image has many layers of personal meaning, emotion and narrative. Making them gives me time to really consider the composition, light dynamics and colour mixing while spending hours reliving the memories and the Silver Lining of each captured moment.

Family Portrait by Sarah Cannell
Family Portrait – oil on board, A4

Shortlisted for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2020.

Making Larry The Robot #henrysodyssey by Sarah Cannell
Making Larry The Robot – oil on board, A4

Shortlisted for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2020.

Lake Battleship
Lake Battleship – oil on board, A4


Venice Lido Sleeper Train
Venice Lido Sleeper Train – oil on board, A4


Walking To School
Walking to School – oil on board, A4





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