Henry’s Odyssey (scroll down to view artworks)

#henrysodyssey is a fundraising project for an end of Leukaemia treatment adventure for 9 year old Henry with 50% of funds raised going to ‘Children with Cancer UK’ and 50% for the adventure.

All artworks have been generously donated by artists and makers across the globe. They are all A6 postcard sized and are original artworks. Mandell’s Gallery in Norwich kindly agreed to support Henry’s Odyssey by hosting the exhibition and sale of artworks between Wednesday 29th August to Sunday 2nd September 2018.  The PV on Tuesday 28th August 2018 was a huge success with over 200 artworks sold and people queueing outside the gallery and down the street! The artworks can be viewed here alongside a list of artists and on Instagram at #henrysodyssey. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see artworks donated, if the artists name is revealed the artwork is sold, anonymous artworks are still available at £20. Email Sarah if you are interested in purchasing a mini masterpiece sarah.cannell1@gmail.com

Thrilled to announce that the final amount raised in 2018 was £10,172.49 with 383 artworks being donated in total. We paid £5086.24 to Children with Cancer UK to support their vital research into childhood cancers and took Hen on an adventure in May 2019. The Odyssey turned into a road trip through Europe for Henry and his Mum and Dad, far away from hospitals and chemo. They ended up driving through France and Spain, ending up in Murcia to visit one of Henry’s best friends, Alex. Henry wasn’t able to visit his friend during treatment and their reunion was truly uplifting showing the strength of friendship. They also swam in rivers, pools, lakes and the sea, feeling truly free after years of necessary limitations. Thank you to everyone who has supported #henrysodyssey you really made a difference. 

Henry was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) on January 9th 2016 when he had just turned 7. Within 48 hours his whole life had been turned upside down and an ambulance ride to Addenbrookes confirmed his diagnosis with intensive chemotherapy treatment starting immediately. The first 6 months of treatment threw relentless physical and psychological challenges at Henry with hideous side effects from chemo and steroids which caused a lot of pain, weight gain, anger and restricted mobility. Hen is now 2 years into 3 years of ‘maintenance’ treatment which for boys with ALL means 3 years of daily chemo, weekly antibiotics and blood tests, monthly check ups, 3 monthly chemo under sedation and emergency stays in hospital if Hen’s temperature goes over 38c. Henry has to be within 90 minutes drive of a UK hospital at any time for the duration of the 3 years. Despite all of these challenges Henry is doing very well, attending school and playing with his friends, to look at him now you wouldn’t know that he was on treatment for Leukaemia.

When Hen’s treatment finishes on 9th March 2019 he will still need to take antibiotics for another 6 months and will need monthly check ups but hopefully he will be able to rebuild his strength and start to live a normal life and catch up with his childhood. We really want to be able to raise money to make sure that Henry has an awesome summer seeing friends and visiting places which have been restricted for so long. Caring for a sick child has a big psychological impact on parents and family but also affects day to day work and finances and without some help we won’t be able to give Henry the end of treatment adventure that we think he deserves.

Along what has felt like an Odyssey through a strange world we have met many other children with cancer all dealing with intensive treatments with traumatic side effects. Some of these cancers can be cured, some can’t and some are managed but require even longer treatment with possible relapse. That is why we are fundraising jointly for ‘Children with Cancer UK’ as they are funding crucial research into finding cures, improving treatments and reducing long term side effects of all childhood cancers.

Artworks very kindly donated by: Viv Allen, Mary Armstrong, Tobias Arnup, Malcolm Ashman (RBA, RWA, ROI), David Baldwin, Nick Ball, John Bardell, Hilary Barry, Kate Batchelor, Martin Battye, Lynda Baxter, Sarah Bays, Mungo Behm, Sarah Berry, Lesley Birch, Garlinda Birkbeck, Dawn Bond, Laura Bos, Peter Bouchier, Amelia Bowman, Lucy Boydell, Anne Burrell, Margaret Cahill, James Campbell, Judith Campbell, Robert Campbell, Laura Cannell, Sarah Cannell, Claire Cansick, Darren Cashmore, Lauren Cashmore, Linda Chapman, Michael Chapman, Barbara Charlish, Hazell Childs, Jane Christian, Liz Clark, Rebecca Clifford, Nell Close, Judy Cobden, Lara Cobden, Rita Colebeck, Katarzyna Coleman, Linda Combi, Paul Cope, Johanne Couldrey, Eileen Coxon, Jack Crampton, Graham Crowley, Polly Cruse, Malcolm Cudmore, Curly Mark, David Davies, Kally Davidson, Patricia Davies, Lucy Dawes, Natasha Day, Silvi Debernardi, Charlotte Dickens, Don Dibbins, Prue Dobinson, Louise Dougherty, Ingrid Dufy, Ronald Durban, Gail Durbin, Anthea Eames, Ashley Elder, Patrick Elder, Rosemary Elliott, Caroline Evans, Charlotte Evans, Katie Falcon, Tor Falcon, Pam Fielder, Paul Finn, Gwyneth FitzMaurice, Cornelia FitzRoy, Beth Forrester, Emma Forrester, Nina Fowler, Noelle Francis, Luis Frutos, Kate Giles, Heather Griffiths, Glenys Grimm, Susan Gunn, Martine Gwynne, Brigitte Anne Hague, Elisabeth Hagwin, Maggi Hambling (RA), Suzie Hannah, Hannah Hardy, Lisa Henshall, Bridget Heriz, Bryn Hillier, Alexander Hinks, Josephine A Horne, AnnaLise Horsley, Helen Howes, Elizabeth Humphries, Caroline Hyde Brown, Jayne Ivimey, Angela Jackson, Kieta Jackson, Noreen Jackson, Ann Marie James, Clare Johnson, David Johnson, Sara Johnson, Brenda Jones, Jacqui Jones, Orson Kartt, Lindsay Keir, Yusuf Keten, Pamela Key, John Kiki, Brian Korteling, Diana Lamb, Martin Laurence, Tory Lawrence, Andrew Laws, Annie Lawson, Chrissy Leech, John Link, Mary Littlefield, Chloe Mandy, Curly Mark, Amber Martin, Francis Martin, Pam Martin, Diana McKenna, Valerie McMullen, Mary Mellor, Claire Mills, Richard Mills, Nicole Minton, Linda Moore, Marguerite Moore, Jane Mitchell-Finch, Nikkita Morgan, Mary Muir, Gill Munn, Tessa Newcomb, Colin Nicholas, Sue Nicholas, Dee Nickerson, Emry Parry, Sam Perkins, Sara Perkins, Jacqui Petrie, Colin Pettifor, Maddy Pikarsky, Molly Piper, Neil Piper, Andrew Pitt, Lilian Pitt, Vanessa Pooley, Ann Richardson, Louise Richardson, Mark Richardson, Kirsten Riley, Anne Rippin, Linda Roast, Fiona Roberts, Jayne Robinson, Annette Rolston, Tracey Ross, Sandra Rowney, Ian Sainsbury, Richard Salt, Jane Sanger, Louise Saul, Carol Saunderson, Malca Schotten, Colin Self, Meryem Siemmond, Lindsay Slade, Nicola Slattery (RBA), Joni Smith, Lucy Smith, Sarah Smith, Mary Spicer, Fern Spray, Nicky Stainton, Karen Stamper, Louise Stebbing, Ann Marie Stevens, Annemarie, Stirling, Nessie Stonebridge, Soledad Strangward, Marion Stuart, Will Teather, Dom Theobald, Rachel Thomas, Amanda Thompson, Bruer Tidman, Helen Timbury, Kerry Timewell, Yvonne Tobin, David Thomas, Graham Thomas, Jen Thomas, Kerry Timewell, Corrin Tulk, Brenda Unwin, Laure Van Minden, Vanessa Vargo, Jan Vincent, Sharon Virtue, Mandy Walden, Nicholas Ward, Philip Walmsley, Zheni Warner, Monika Wesselmann,Jocelyn Wickham, Emma Wilkinson, Juliet Wimhurst, Laura Winstone, Anna Woodman, Terry Wright.

Artist’s names are now revealed if their work has been sold.

If the artwork is still anonymous it can be purchased from the Waveney Valley Sculpture Trail at Raveningham in South Norfolk, 01508 548406 for more info.


To simply donate cash to Henry’s Odyssey please go to our just Giving page at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/henrysodyssey