All my paintings start their life as compositional sketches which I collect on walks through the marshes and lanes along the Waveney Valley. I sketch with pencil and permanent markers to get quick ideas down and then return to the studio to translate these ideas onto larger panels layered with heavy watercolour paper using permanent black ink applied with either a brush or a stick. The paintings are first painted with a bright wash of ink or acrylic and then time is spent layering transparent, then opaque layers of paint. If I add collage to a painting it tends to be the final part of the process. All of the paintings are of particular places and I often include OS map grid references on the back of each work. I am particularly fascinated with areas of the landscape that have changed very little over the centuries and love the idea that I am following in the footsteps of artists who have walked and become obsessed with the same landscape.

Minsmere Nature Reserve
The Journey, Minsmere Nature Reserve. Acrylic on paper, 40 x 40cm. SOLD
Reedham MArsh Towards The Ferry 1 copy
Reedham Marshes, Towards The Ferry 1. Acrylic on paper, 40 x 40cm, £450.
Copse On Beccles Road TM 40649 95247
Copse On Beccles Road. Acrylic on paper, 80 x 80cm, £950.
New Townsend Lane
Townsend Lane. Acrylic on paper, 60 x 60cm, £750.
New Croft Road East 2
Croft Road East 2. SOLD.
New Devil's Hole Haddiscoe TM 43628 96986
Devil’s Hole, Haddiscoe. Acrylic on paper, 60 x 60cm, SOLD.
Reedham Marsh Towards The Ferry TG 41803 00374
Reedham Marsh Towards The Ferry. Acrylic on paper, 40 x 40cm, SOLD.
Water meadow Lane. SOLD
Winter Light Near Priory Farm TM 40649 95412
Winter Light Near Priory Farm. Acrylic on paper, 40 x 40cm, £450.
Great Oak Corner TM 40438 95877
Great Oak Corner. Acrylic on paper, 60 x 60cm, £750.
The Spinney TM 40584 96317
The Spinney, Raining. Acrylic on paper, 60 x 60cm, £750.
Fence At Watermeadows Lane TM 40588 97924
Fence At Watermeadow Lane. Acrylic on paper, 40 x 40cm, £450.
Croft Road Stile TM 40898 98083
Croft Road Stile. Acrylic on paper, 60 x 60cm, £750.


Beccles Marsh Track. Acrylic on paper, 60 x 60cm. SOLD
Bulls Green Lane Toft Monks
Bulls Green Lane, Toft Monks. Acrylic on paper, 30 x 30cm , £350.
Carlton Marsh Long Ditch. Acrylic on paper, 60 x 60cm, £750.
Peddars Lane Springtime. Acrylic on paper, 80 x 80cm. SOLD.
Reedham Marsh Long Ditch 3. Acrylic on paper, 100 x 70cm, £1150.
The Spinney Sunset. Acrylic on paper, 40 x 40cm, £450.
Walking Back Home, Summer. 100 x 70cm, SOLD.