Marsh Ponies 2021

Collaborative project between myself, Rachael Long (sculptor), Andy Jarrett (sculptor) and Laura Cannell (Musician). Rachael, Andy and I dreamt up the Flaming Marsh Ponies during 2020 and then made the first one together early December 2020. Rachael and Andy shaped the steel and welded the form and I wrapped the form with kevlar wick which I then doused with paraffin. We torched the first pony outside Rachael’s workshop near Wymondham, lit by Rachael’s son Mungo and I filmed the first burning. Talking with my sister, Laura Cannell, led to her adding a beautiful track and creating the video below. The ponies were exhibited at the Woodland Lumiere early 2021 and will be at this year’s Raveningham Sculpture Trail, we hope to perform the burning again during Love Light Festival 2022 in Norwich.

One Star Awake 2021
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